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Pool Design

The right place for pool designs and builds.

Pool Design

The right place for pool designs and builds.

Pure Eau Designers and Options

When choosing the look of your new swimming pool, you don’t have to go with traditional shape or style. The designers at Pure Eau will design you the perfect pool for your backyard.

We offer many pool designs including:

✔ Custom infinity pools
✔ Modern pools
✔ Free-form pools
✔Rectangular pools
✔ Geometric pools
✔ Kidney-shaped pools
✔ Lagoon Pools
✔ Luxury Pools

Building the Pool of Your Dreams!

Our Pure Eau design process has a few different steps.

We start with an initial consultation to learn what ideas you have for your pool and what price range you have in mind. We’ll discuss the design with you, then come back at a later date with a visual presentation of the design that we’ve come up with, rendered using our 3D pool design software. We can make changes to the design if needed or begin finalizing the process with contract signing, permit applications, and the selection of finishes for your pool. Then the only thing that’s left is for us to build you the pool of your dreams! Contact Pure Eau today to set up an initial consultation.
From simple, traditional pools for swimming school to elaborately designed hotel pools complete with special features, you can depend on us to complete your project according to schedule.

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