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Pool Resurfacing

The right place for pool designs and builds.

Pool Resurfacing

The right place for pool designs and builds.

Wear and Tear of Pool Surfaces

Plaster swimming pool surfaces should last for several years. Over the years, though, these surfaces can begin to show signs of wear and tear. When this happens, you can’t do much to repair the problem areas – it’s time to get your pool resurfaced.

Pure Eau offers pool renovations, including pool resurfacing services for homeowners throughout Dallas who have plaster that’s in poor condition. Our pool professionals can put their skills to use and expertly resurface your swimming pool in order to improve its appearance and ensure a pleasant swimming experience.

Signs that your pool is in need of replastering include:

  • Peeling plaster

  • Rough texture

  • Stains on the pool’s surface

  • Cloudy residue close to your pool’s edges

  • Unexpected changes in your pool water level

  • Thin cracks or bigger structural cracks

If your plaster pool is showing signs that it needs resurfacing, contact Pure Eau in Dallas. Our team of pool professionals can provide resurfacing services to give your pool a fresh, updated look and ensure that you have a safe swimming environment.
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