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size and depth change

The right place for pool designs and builds.

size and depth change

The right place for pool designs and builds.

Pool Size and Depth Remodeling FAQs

You might think that pool remodeling mainly refers to changing the material of your pool’s surface or adding features to it. However, pool remodeling also includes making changes to the size and depth of your pool. You might find that you would be better off with a pool that is larger or smaller, or you might decide that you want your pool to be deeper or shallower. At Pure Eau, our team of pool professionals in the Dallas area can take care of making these changes for you so that you can have your ideal swimming pool.

How Deep Can You Make My Pool?

Our team at Pure Eau can make your pool as deep as 8’6”. This provides plenty of depth for you to swim in or dive into.

What Are the Benefits of Changing My Pool’s Shape?

When you have a growing family or when you plan on having more friends over during summer, you might benefit from a larger pool. Having a larger pool provides everyone with plenty of space for swimming without worrying about bumping into each other. How much larger your pool should be will depend on how many people will be using it on a regular basis.

Can You Change My Pool’s Style/Design?

Yes, we can make changes to your swimming pool’s style or design! In addition to changing pool sizes and depths, we offer some notable options for changing pool designs and styles. If you have a traditional rectangular or oval pool that you’ve grown bored with, we can remodel it into a more dynamic, geometric design. We can also turn your classic pool into one that has a more modern or contemporary design, which can give it an updated and refreshed look to be enjoyed day and night . If you’re interested in having a pool with a more unconventional style, we can design a freeform pool. These pools have softer edges and a shape that resembles a natural pond or other body of water.

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